Fairytale Wedding in Pontremoli:
Bride and Groom in Medieval Dresses Escorted to the Square by Medievalis Historical Pageant

In the picturesque setting of Pontremoli, the Medievalis kermis is tinged with romance with the fairy-tale “yes” of Fabio and Loredana, spice sellers in Como. In a unique wedding surrounded by a medieval procession, the couple chose this exceptional location, turning a historic event into a memorable day. Find out the details of this unusual wedding and the exciting event that attracts thousands of visitors.

The Magic of a Medievalis Wedding

Aug. 20, 2023 – In the picturesque setting of Pontremoli, a real wedding fairy tale was painted, in which reality and fiction are harmoniously intertwined. Fabio and Loredana, from Barni, in the province of Como, chose to celebrate their love during Medievalis, an event that combines the past and creativity. The two run a spice-related business and found the atmosphere of Pontremoli the perfect setting for their special day.

A Decision Out of the Ordinary

Enthusiastic and passionate Loredana recounts the evolution of their decision, “Initially, we had planned to get married in April in our town of Barni, but then everything changed. We decided to embrace Pontremoli, especially considering the medieval market in which we would participate with our spice stand. With care, we prepared our period costumes, making this a unique and out-of-the-box moment. My usually reserved husband accepted this adventure for my love, and this wedding will remain indelible in our memory.”

An Exciting Beginning

Despite Loredana’s debonairness, excitement slipped between the lines when the procession, similar to that of Emperor Frederick II, made its appearance. The roll of drums made the atmosphere even more vibrant. The short route led them to the town hall and then to the Piazzetta della Pace, where Councillor Manuel Buttini was waiting for them, acting as the registrar.

An Unforgettable Day

The ceremony was conducted according to today’s laws, with the bride and groom declaring their names, residence and the absence of impediments. The fateful moment when they declared themselves “husband and wife” was followed by the throwing of rice and the tossing of the bouquet, grabbed by a young guest, eliciting applause and smiles.

Grand Finale of Medievalis

This fairytale wedding also marks the grand finale of the 17th edition of Medievalis. The first three days of the event saw an exceptional turnout, with performances, parades and banquets paying tribute to the town’s history. The castle and historic center came alive with 104 medieval stalls, a parade of knights and costumed performers, and a ritual passing of the palio to the Podesta.

A Majestic Re-enactment

Performances by musicians, flag-wavers, jugglers and dancers crisscrossed the streets of the village, bringing new life to the ancient. The atmosphere came alive with workshops and inns, costumed families, Celtic-medieval concerts, and performances by jesters, jugglers, fire-eaters and birds of prey. The re-enactment was a journey through the dark ages, illuminated by the energy of Medievalis.

Fabio and Loredana’s unique story was intertwined with the picturesque setting of Pontremoli and the enchanting atmosphere of Medievalis. This fairytale wedding, celebrated in medieval costumes and escorted by a historical procession, made their day memorable and special. A tribute to history and creativity that continues to capture the attention of tourists and enthusiasts from all over the world.

Matrimonio medioevale
Matrimonio medioevale
Matrimonio medioevale
Matrimonio medioevale
Matrimonio medioevale
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