Questions and answers

Section dedicated to the main questions and curiosities about the world of Wedding Planners and my approach to work.
Questions and answers
Who am I and what do I do?

I am Katia Florian, I live in Bologna, in the beautiful medieval historic centre and I am a Wedding Planner for Italian and international couples.

Some adjectives describing myself.
I am self-demanding and very committed to my work and my clients. Time management is very important to me. I always respect deadlines.
What kind of person am I?

I prefer to answer with “what people say about me”. Those who know me say that I was born to be a Wedding Planner. I am an understanding, sensitive and very flexible person. I am also a people person and I love meeting people from all over the world.

How was my passion born?

“In my opinion we should take every opportunity to celebrate special moments ”  When I was child my mother used to say this and she was completely right! In fact every anniversary is a reason for celebration whether it is a family birthday or a graduation party or finding a dear friend after a long time. To me, the greatest expression of celebration is in the marriage. So, I decided to enter the magical world of joy and happiness as a Wedding Planner.

What does it mean to me to be a Wedding Planner?

First I would like to explain what a Wedding Planner does.  A Wedding Planner is the organiser and coordinator of weddings; a professional figure much in demand nowadays.

To me being a Wedding Planner is a job I’ve happily chosen. It is very demanding and it requires energy, constant training, international languages and budget skills.  I speak good English and my son lives in England and I also speak French. This is highly important because I often work with international clients. The ability to manage numbers is also fundamental, as every economic budget must be respected and understood. I love the challenge of my work and the biggest satisfaction is the joy on the faces of the couple as they enjoy their special day.

What does a Wedding Planner do and what don’t they do?
3 words: they plan, organise and coordinate the wedding, but they must be invisible and in the background. It is the couple’s day not the wedding Planner’s. They should be on hand to give any guidance necessary at any time during the event. The most important thing to me is to give the loving couple an unforgettable day.
What is my favourite style? Romantic, modern, shabby chic..?
To me my style is simply elegant and romantic. However it is fundamental to satisfy every taste. There are no limits.
Have I ever turned down a request, for example, for a style that does not represent me?
Absolutely not! If I should have a wedding with a special theme that is unfamiliar to me, for example, a sports theme, I take a deep breath and I get to work. I study the new theme in great details and if necessary I ask colleagues and friends for help. But I never turn down a proposal because I don’t have enough ideas or a lack of information. Of course I am always on hand to give advice and input.
Civil rites or religious? What are the pros and the cons?
To me, there are none. I am Catholic but I celebrate all religions and I completely respect the idea of a non religious event. Both are evocative and emotional. They are different because the religious rite normally lasts 1 hour and more, while the civil rite is shorter (it takes 15 minutes more or less), including the reading of a poem and the words promises of the couple. For both I suggest, Wagner’s wedding March, when the bride enters the Church. When the newly-weds leave the church, the Mendelssohn’s song is very atmospheric.
Do I have a Wedding Planner role model?
I feel compelled to say I don’t have a particular model but I know someone who I admire and respect deeply. He has been very successful and famous in the wedding sector for a long time. He is also very skilful and generous in giving others his valuable advice. I am very lucky to know him and I treasure his name.
Where do I get my inspiration?
First, I take inspiration from art exibitions and I have a passion for them. Then I follow the cinema, I love travelling, I follow fashion bloggers, master chefs, red carpet events and Royal Families. Also a simple, relaxing walk can give me creative ideas for my new wedding projects.
My catch-phrase!
Some years ago, while I was preparing an Italian literature exam at University, I came across a quotation from the Latin poet Virgilio: “l’ostinata fatica vince ogni cosa” determination wins struck over everything. I was amazed, this is mine, It’s me! The adjective “determined” struck me in particular, because my work is my mission. From that moment on, my catch-phrase follows me everywhere.
What are the most popular questions asked by my couples?
I’ve met some couples mainly in two categories: 1. Those with a clean slate 2. Those who have a very clear idea of what they want, with many pictures from Pinterest and other social media of examples of details for their wedding. This is a challenge which I gladly accept.
What is the first question the couples ask?

One of the first questions couples ask me is the price of my services. It’s clear that people budgets are highly important. Perhaps not everyone knows that one of the most important tasks of a wedding organizer is to propose suppliers who offer excellent value for money. Having a wedding planner is highly recommended in terms of saving time, money and avoiding the stress and anxiety of organizing such as an important event.

What is the first question I ask a couple?
Do you have an idea of what the best day of your lives is like? Describe your dream wedding.
How do I start planning a wedding and how do my ideas develop?
I start asking all the key questions such as type of wedding (religious, civil or symbolic) the date, the location, the number of guests , the budget, the style, the theme and favorite colour. First, I find the church and the location for the reception to avoid disappointment. Then, if requested by the couple, I can create a “moodboard”, a classical paper or digital board showing in pictures, drawings, textiles and some of magazine articles, the theme, suggestions and colours chosen for the wedding.
Clichés and commonplaces of the Wedding Planner’s job.

Many Wedding Planners act like celebrities and steal the couple’s magic day. That is not me. I believe the Wedding Planner must be “present” and “invisible” at the same time. They must be there whenever needed and check and coordinate suppliers and situations, preventing any problems which come up. They also have to be invisible, not an embarrassing and interfering presence, but discreet and ready for any eventuality.

“Destination Wedding in Italy”. My personal thoughts.

In recent years a new trend has appeared called “Destination Wedding in Italy”. Why do international couples choose Italy to get married? Because Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. From islands Sicily and Sardinia, to lakes such as Como, Maggiore and Garda, to the regions such as Apulia and Tuscany, and to the cities of art such as Venice, Bologna, Florence, Ravenna, Rome and many others. Italy is also well known for its Mediterranean cuisine and the variety of typical regional dishes. Last but not least, Italians are naturally warm, romantic, welcoming people who love to open their doors to people from all over the world.

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